A long hiatus


After more than two years away, I’m back.

In that time period, I’ve settled down in Seattle and explored the booming tech community here: went to many meetups, helped organize a hackathon, contributed to open source, worked as a contractor (then employee) for a healthcare startup.

The frontend world has evolved quite a bit over that time. React is now the library eating everyone’s lunch; Angular and Ember, while still growing, seem to have seen their growth slow.

I toyed with Ember on a side project in late 2013 (during its endless beta), before scrapping it to build the MVP in Rails. I spent a year with an Angular team building out two complex codebases with myriad business rules. And after two months developing in React, it’s the project that makes the most sense to me.

The simplicity of the React (and Flux/Redux) model is inspiring. It’s how large applications ought to be built. And while it’s likely not a new paradigm, it’s brought fresh air into frontend application development.

I’m excited to be a frontend dev. I’m excited for the role of technology in our lives. And I’m excited enough to share my thoughts on this little corner of the Internet.